Tea Monster: 12 Days of Christmas - Day 2

Friday, December 16, 2016

12 Days of Christmas - Day 2

On the second day of Christmas, my true love gave to me... Crisp Cranberry Soda Green Rooibos!
For the second day of 52Tea's Christmas Countdown, I was lukewarm to the name of the blend. I was so not ready to get my rooibos on when I scratched off the silvery label.  Try as I may, rooibos and I are just not very friendly. I enjoy drinking caffeine-free tea late at night, and I want to like it, I truly do. Luckily for me, typically green is the lesser rooibos evil (sorry red), so I was ready to give it a shot. Reminding myself that 'it's for the blog!" Helps too.

Cracking open the package, a deep whiff of bubblegum and Crest hit me on the nose. The blend is very visually appealing - large hunks of cranberries, whole and sliced. The brewed tea had another scent entirely. To me, the brew tastes exactly like Country Time pink lemonade. It was love at first sip. The sweet, subtle cranberry blended well with the fruity rooibos. I was worried that all those cranberries would affect the infusion in a mouth puckering sour way. Not so with this blend.

Once I brewed my first cup, I kept craving more. Without much thought, I finished the whole package in one day. So far, I am looking forward to sharing my experience. Stay tuned for day three!

Note: For some reason, my post for the first day of this advent calendar has been eaten by the ever hungry blog monster. My apologies. Will I find that post? Hopefully. Stay tuned folks!

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  1. Hey! Nice to see you blogging again! Thank you for choosing to blog about the 12 Teas of Christmas box! Yay! I'm glad you enjoyed this tea - I was very happily surprised by it as well!